Outriders – Pyromancer Class

Outriders – Pyromancer Class

The Pyromancer is a medium-range class with extreme pyromania. Control fire and flame to incinerate your enemies as you rain hellfire on them. Sustain yourself with their cremation.

  • Melee Skill – Deal damage in an area of effect around the Pyromancer and inflict Burn to all nearby enemies. This is an inherent skill and does not need to be added to your skill bar. It can be used by hitting your “melee attack” button. While sprinting, this attack changes to a running ground slam flame attack that has a larger area of effect and initiates a longer cooldown than the standing or walking melee attack.
  • Healing Mechanic – Enemies that die while marked with your fire skills heal you for a large amount of health.
  • Class Traits: 10% increased Anomoly Power | Skills mark your enemies for 15s. Kills on marked targets heal you for 24% of your maximum health



 Type: IGNITE.

Summon a fiery wave that deals damage and inflicts Burn to all enemies in its path. 13s CD.

Feed the Flames


Pull an enemy toward you, dealing damage, draining Health, and inflicting Ash. 17s CD.

Thermal Bomb


Select an enemy to Burn, Interrupt and deal damage to. If killed while still afflicted by the skill, the enemy will explode, dealing damage in a large radius. 14s CD.



Deals a little damage to all enemies in a large radius and Interrupt their skills. Enemies afflicted with Burn receive additional damage and the Burn will be consumed. 22s CD.

Volcanic Rounds

 Type: IGNITE.

Fill your current weapon’s magazine with Anomaly-infused bullets that will inflict Burn within a small radius and pierce targets, damaging enemies behind them. The skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons.

Ash Blast


Create an Anomaly blast to inflict Ash on all enemies in a large radius around you.

F.A.S.E.R Beam


Fire an energy beam that deals damage that benefits from 125% of Status Power, inflicting Burn and causing Interrupt.



Create a volcanic eruption beneath the selected enemy, dealing damage to them, and all enemies within a small radius around the target.

Pyromancer Class Tree

As you progress in the game and unlock more skills, experience and class skill tree points you can specialize in one of the three sub-classes: Ashbreaker (Weapon Damage Focus), Firestorm (Skill Damage Focus), Tempest (Damage Mitigation Focus)

More information on these sub-classes will become available as we find out more closer to the games release.